Tides Village

Miami Beach, Florida | under construction

The Tides Village Hotel at 12th Street and Collins Avenue is a mixed-use urban infill development on Miami Beach that combines hotel, parking, retail, and restaurants. Its site within the center of the historic architectural district of South Beach has a distinctive history.

The unusual site comprises two empty lots on the north side that formerly housed a beloved Art Deco-era hotel: The Senator designed by famed architect L. Murray Dixon in 1939. The infamous demolition of that hotel in 1988 left both sides of 12th Street open and undeveloped, leaving voids that interrupted the urbanity.

S+A's design approach eschews a formal symmetry and balances architectural features that express the functions of the program and the layering of the site. Next door to the north, two historic apartment buildings are incorporated into the project design, forming a new 82-room boutique hotel that includes a restaurant and retail space. The 5-story hotel block continues as a slender bar form that wraps the street corner, tapers back to reveal the ocean, then turns to line the alley frontage, giving the design a high degree of historical and urban sensitivity. A corner spire reflects the original Art Deco spire as well.  

Overall, the hotel rises from the site of its famous precursor, designed to celebrate the memory of the original in its proportions and disposition on the site. The project presented an extraordinary opportunity to repair and redefine the urban landscape in a central commercial area, creating a vibrant mixed-use development.


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