The Angler's Boutique Hotel

Miami Beach, Florida | 2007

This sensitive urban infill project creates a modern boutique hotel campus in the center of South Beach. Involving careful restoration and new construction, the project is both introspective and extroverted. Private and semi-private hotel spaces offer an oasis in a busy commercial neighborhood. The assemblage of buildings is respectful of the district’s fine-grained texture. Public space in the form of a new pedestrian park will be activated by the reopening of a long-dormant avenue fronting the site.

The original hotel building, designed in 1930 by architect Henry Maloney, was restored and adapted to accommodate a ground floor restaurant. The restaurant spills from the lobby on to the front terrace and wide landscaped sidewalk of Washington Avenue. New courtyards flank the building on both sides; new French doors and balconies connect the rooms on each level to the courts. An adjacent Mediterranean Revival villa (also Maloney, 1930), was restored and adaptively used as four townhouse units. 

Two new structures were inserted in the margins of the site. On the south side, a slender 5-story building was designed to fit the narrow available space. This single-loaded sliver employs townhouse-type units to achieve high efficiency, with corridors on only two of the five floors. Ground floor units open to private patios, while the upper floor units have access to private roof decks. 
On the north side, a new pool deck was inserted between the apartment building and a new cabana wing, whose two-story townhouse units open directly to the pool.  

This eclectic collection of related buildings crafts a more urbanistic solution than a homogenous approach. When tasked to expand and increase the density of a site within an urban district, a campus methodology -- incorporating existing building elements while adding a new layer -- expanded the complexity and richness of the surrounding fabric.

2009 AIA Florida Merit Award
2008 Hotelworld Global Hospitality and Design Award
2007 Dade Heritage Trust Award


Photographs by John Patronie


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