Lindemann Residence II

Miami Beach, Florida | 2017

This new house was conceptualized as a framework for living with art.

The owner, a longtime client of S+A, commissioned the firm to design a waterfront home (the second house designed for this longtime client) that could accommodate
his large, and large-scale, contemporary art collection and his family, including 3 children under the age of 10, household staff, and multiple pets.

On the outside, the 7,800 SF home is a modern take on a traditional Miami Beach type: living space is along the waterfront, with service spaces along one long side. The
garage and entry zaguan are on the street side. The type is updated with precise concrete frameworks. Entry to the home is via the zaguan, and a garden at the center of
the lot that preserves an ancient Oak tree at its core. The home cascades up several steps to a slightly elevated main living space. The living room and master bedroom
are balanced between Biscayne Bay and the internal courtyard.


S+A was the Architect for the project. Interior design by Frank de Biasi. Interior stair by Martin Creed.

Photographs by Emilio Collavino.


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