Raw Power: Doodles on a Building by Brian Butler

S+A Office Design District, Art Basel Miami, Florida | 2012

S+A values its collaboration with artists on shared projects, and in the design of galleries, art centers, private collections and museums (important components of our work). Since 2009, S+A has asked an artist to use its Design District office building as a canvas for a site-specific installation during Art Basel Miami Beach in December.  In 2012 Brian Butler created RAW POWER: Doodles on a Building. The playful, cartoonish aspect of the piece juxtaposes with the artist’s use of a single color and balanced placement of figures, reminiscent of a Japanese woodcut. The installation project is concluded each year with a party, an occasion to open the office and share the year’s activities.

Check out more of Brian's work at theupperhandart.com

S+A façade collaborations:

2009 – Alejandro Vigilante: Portraits
2010 – Jessy Nite: Friends & Lovers
2011 – Steve Saiz: L’il Mono Myths
2012 – Brian Butler: RAW POWER: Doodles on a Building


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