Mood Lifeclub

Key Biscayne, Florida | 2016

The movement of human bodies and the sinuous lines that connect the human anatomy inspired the design of this small boutique fitness studio, which includes a gym and yoga room. The center is a first prototype for this new venture, which plans to expand regionally. The space, in a strip retail center, was divided into two main rooms: one for fitness, the other for yoga. A structural grid penetrates both spaces, allowing for the attachment of aerial yoga and resistance training equipment. A sinuous wall divides the two rooms, curling in the back to define a small lounge and retail display. The reception and fitness areas have rich warmth that derives from the wood floor and wood veneer walls.  Undulating lines trace around the walls, framing a small recessed alcove at the entry, used for display. A reception desk, in contrast, peels off the wall. The yoga room is cool and neutral in character, allowing the LED lighting system to set the tone, color and temperature of the space. When used, the egg-shaped room is washed in rich color. Set in a nondescript strip mall, the design of this small space offers moments of grace, surprise and fun.


2017 AIA Miami Interior Design Citation


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