Jugofresh South Pointe

Miami Beach, Florida | 2014

Jugofresh, a Miami-born juice company, is rapidly expanding in South Florida. S+A was chosen as architect and interior designer to develop several new prototype stores and facilities in key markets in Miami. In total, four new projects were completed in the last month, each playing off the strengths of the brand and Miami’s revitalizing neighborhoods to create a vibrant image.

S+A designed new juice bars in Wynwood, South Beach and Coral Gables, as well as a new kitchen facility at the company’s headquarters in Lemon City. The design for each store reflects distinctive neighborhood character, giving the customer a different sensory experience at each space while strengthening the Jugofresh brand. Working closely with the owner, S+A developed a palette that will be used in future development – including reclaimed wood, natural stones and stainless steel, representing the company’s commitment to natural organic materials and high-tech production. Graphic wallpapers were used extensively to introduce color and depth, a nod to the complexity and flavor of the company’s juices. S+A also focused on transparency as both a way to reveal how the juices are made, and as a way to make the stores more public.

Located at the southern end of Miami Beach, Jugofresh South Pointe uses transparency to link the kitchen and customer areas. On one side, fruit is sorted and juices are mixed, a process that is both functional and aesthetic. The visibility of this process, and the quality of the raw materials, helps set Jugofresh apart. On the other side, the shop is a beehive of activity where juices are customized and merchandise is sold. Transparency and continuity between the two sides, work and sales, becomes the leitmotiv of the project. A glass “jewel-box” cooler filled with juice bottles occupies the middle of the retail space, providing a counterpoint to the straightforward layout. 

Photos by Robin Hill


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