Impact Kitchen

Miami, Florida

The design at 161 Washington Avenue calls for the adaptive reuse of three historic buildings on the site as a contemporary restaurant space. Each building comprises an individual history, with some structures predating the 1920’s and others designed and constructed in the 1930’s.

A variety of targeted approaches towards the historic facades and a series of contemporary renovations and preservationist efforts inform the new experience of the existing structures.

The major buildings, main entrance, and courtyard are all preserved in the new project. The middle structure, comprising remnants of the original 1921 school building, is left largely in its current state. The front of this building, containing the rooming house addition of 1926, is reinterpreted. Use of a clerestory and trellis roof emphasize the presence of the building on the corner of 2nd Street and Washington Avenue. Finally, the original 1937 garage and later residential additions (1947) are left largely intact, although the exterior stairs have been removed and the facades updated to reflect the adaptive use of the building.

The final project restores and celebrates the original intent of the buildings and courtyard. This new clean-eating restaurant is contextual in massing and articulation, and offers an appropriate use for the neighborhood.


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