Baumann Cosmetic + Research Institute

Miami, Florida | 2012

The new cosmetic and research institute for acclaimed dermatologist  Leslie Baumann, MD investigates the paradigm of a modern dermatology practice, especially the delicate balance between two sides of the doctor’s practice: clinical and research work. S+A’s design also explores the intertwined roles of passion, science and the pursuit of beauty in a practice. The bi-nuclear design is centered on the concept of a “runway” a functional connector between the research activities at one end and the clinical waiting room, retail shop, treatment rooms and offices at the other end. The runway is in fact a public promenade at the very heart of the institute, and a didactic space that engages the culture and history of dermatology. 

Dr. Baumann’s passion for the culture of beauty infuses other public areas of the institute. At the clinic entrance, clear vitrine boxes lightly hung on the wall exhibit an extensive collection of compacts, beauty products and dermatological instruments. On the adjacent south wall, a commissioned artwork by Miami-based artist Jessy Nite evokes the color spectrum of the doctor’s patented skin type system. Open shelving in the passage between the clinical entrance and the runway is used to direct clients, and to further educate, displaying vintage dermatology books as well as Dr. Baumann’s own publications, including textbooks and her bestseller The Skin Type Solution. 

A bold alternation of solid wall and intervening voids creates drama along the runway. The walls are generously proportioned to be curated with rotating art exhibitions. Overall, the sensibility is clean and precise: the white primary canvas is complemented by tones of gray for furniture and fixtures – a homogenous color scheme that provides a strong counterpoint to the rainbow of the doctor’s skincare line. 


2014 AIA Florida Honor Award of Excellence

2013 AIA Miami Honor Award of Excellence

Photos by Emilio Collavino


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