530 Lincoln Road

Miami Beach, Florida | under construction

Historic façade | contemporary interior | retention of original structure of public space

The original Mediterranean Revival façade of the building had been replaced several times, most recently in the 1990s. The decision was made to restore the façade to its original 1920s appearance.

The pattern of original public spaces (passageway and patio) were retained in plan, and joined into a single retail use.

The new glass stair, poignantly poised in the former passageway, allows the differentiation of old and new, and introduces a sense of historical layering.

The main façade was restored to its original appearance. A highlight of the restoration was the sculpting of the central surround of the former passageway. The precast concrete surround was painstakingly produced from drawing and photographic evidence, to match the original but lost precast concrete piece.


2017 AIA Miami Divine Detail Award (Butterfly Stair)


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